Collins For Mayor of Santa Ana
For the Future of Santa Ana
Community Oriented Assistance

Ending Community Oriented Policing
Make Santa Ana the Place NOT to Race
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George & Janett Collins; Caltech Christmas Dinner

Candidate Statement

I am for 'Human Environmental Justice'.  I will end the insane fireworks. I will bring the SAPD to the 21st century by  modernizing remote personal interaction systems, improving response times.  I will improve police community relations with this modern approach. Implemented, SAPD can be at location  viewing the issues within minutes

 I will get funding for Santa Ana to improve safety.  I will place park maintenance the highest requirement for Parks and Recreation.  Making parks clean and safe for families.  End Gentrification, bring business back to our city by improving the business environment.

I will end the 'Environmental Justice' system that created high density housing and implement 'Human Environmental Justice', putting Humanity and quality of life first.

 I will resolve the parking problems by increasing on street parking, requiring new dwellings to have on site, off street parking.   All new construction not to exceed street load capacity and parking.

 I will bring an end to street racing, donuts at midnight, and make Santa Ana quiet and safe again day and night.

 Let's remove the unflattering stigma associated with Santa Ana Making it the Golden City again.

 With your vote, we will accomplish these goals.

Thank you for your support and vote.


George M Collins


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