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Community Oriented Assistance

Ending Community Oriented Policing
Make Santa Ana the Place NOT to Race
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Future of Santa Ana Police Department

Moving from the failing 'Community Oriented Policing' to the inclusive "Community Oriented Assistance"

We all are tired of the street races, the decoration of the intersections at midnight with tire marks from spinning donuts with high powered very loud cars.

There is a solution that we all will appreciate.  It will take a Mayor that will lead to get the results we want.  Our council has failed us for years.


I am just as sick of it as you are.  The number of people that have pleaded with me to make Santa Ana QUIET I can no longer count.


Help me move the SAPD forward and give them the tools and training to properly enforce existing laws to make noise from cars something Santa Ana residents no longer have to live a life of suffering, constant nights of loss sleep and terrible Human Environmental Justice.


Simple enforcement of vehicle code as a start.  Yes, I know there will be complaints that the poor can not afford to have good brakes, quiet mufflers and safe tires.  That is why vehicle inspections were ended in CA 30+ years ago.  To make the roads available to the poor no matter if there cars met vehicle code laws, have lights, brakes, safe tires.


I think the officers are smart enough to see the difference between a person that is economically stretched and a person having a race car.  If not we can train them.  Cars can be fast with out having to be loud.


Santa Ana needs me to start the enforcement.  I see that now my campaign statement specified that I will end the street racing.  The SAPD has announced they will do everything they can to stop the problem. 

Will that be the same after the election or will it go back to non-enforcement?


What I can see now is the SAPD is about chasing the cars with the helicopter, always about 22 minutes behind.  There is a way to lead but we need a leader that understands sometimes you have to be proactive and not always reactive.


Quick Launch DRONES with point to point response.

I have now met with the powers to be.  There is an agreement of a new way of 'policing' or as I call it "Community Oriented Assistance" which when finished will have an "Assistance Facility" in each Santa Ana Ward.


Having eyes on sight in less then 3 minutes from the call completion to local assistance is the future of Santa Ana, Safety, Quality of Life, a QUIET city.

I am making a video that will explain the future of "Community Oriented Assistance"

Automated Drone in a box implementation

Multi Camera Live Feed Drone for Dispatch

How drones are now being used in emergencies

Specialized Drones in Law Assistance

Police Implementation


Many of the nations police departments are using 'DRONES' for SWAT assistance. 

I have proposed to the SAPD and the SAPOA a new way to ASSIST the residents of Santa Ana.

From the call center, to dispatch, to "DRONE DISPATCH"  which will be able to be at a location anyplace in Santa Ana in around 120 seconds or faster.  This new concept of Community Oriented Assistance will allow the SAPD to evaluate if an officer needs to respond, paramedics at a car accident or OCFA.  Maybe a broken water main.  Instead of hours to evaluate the situation,  it can be done in minutes. 


At the time the Drone reaches the location it can deliver life saving drug over dose medications to the scene, a defibrillator or other emergency supplies.


 Possible in an earthquake or other natural disaster when emergency vehicles are traffic locked because of damaged roads.



Instead of waiting hours for an officer to respond to an auto burglary the Drone can be 400 feet over head with an officer watching the event and dispatching the proper response.


Whether that response is a social worker, water department, OCFA or SWAT to stop an armed assault, the proper decision can then be made before an officer enters a dangerous environment, this situational awareness  also gives the greatest protection to the residents.  Allowing the minimum response and force needed for the given situation.  Protecting the public and the officers at the same time.  NO MORE HELICOPTER at 2AM hovering for hours or a dangerous situation created.  Silence and protection at the same time.


Do we move the SAPD in to Community Oriented Assistance with local facilities, quicker and better responses to Emergency Assistance request or do we move backwards, that is the question for Santa Ana residents.


 I will present details on this improvement to SAPD Community Oriented Assistance upcoming.  in the days to come.