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Community Oriented Assistance

Ending Community Oriented Policing
Make Santa Ana the Place NOT to Race
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Make Santa Ana a Business Friendly Location: Community Oriented Assistance: Ending High Density Housing: Implementing More Street Parking: More Environmentally Safe Recreation Areas

Which dining area looks more welcoming to you?


Santa Ana should be leading the way with blocking streets and opening dining areas for out side dining.  We have to help these small businesses.

An overview of each, see specific pages for details

Ending Community Oriented Policing and Implementing

Community Oriented Assistance

To understand a plan first we have to define some words from my candidate statement.

'Human Environmental Justice' and 'Environmental Justice'

The state of California is now requiring cities to use the term "Environmental Justice" so we have to understand what that actually means.  The state wants to increase housing and the cost of housing.  Require solar panels and every environmental item suggested.  This increases the cost of home ownership. What is the result of this,  over crowed neighborhood, high density housing that no one can afford.

We need Human Environmental Justice, keeping humans and the environment first.  Living spaces, parks, quality of life and building with that concept in mind.  Now how many high cost apartments or townhomes can we get in to the 27.2 square miles of Santa Ana but  how much QUALITY living spaces can we have in Santa Ana...  Three families in a two bedroom home is slavery by any standard.  High rent and no space.  I do not want residents living like rats in a cage that is talked about in so many phycology books.  But I want to start better living by better living spaces.  We have to end the Census City Concept and start the Better City by Business Concept.  Welcome business to Santa Ana increasing the revenue from business.

Community Oriented Assistance

Now we can look at changing how the Santa Ana Police Department interfaces with the community.  There is a more efficient, safer way to assist Santa Ana residents with support from the Police Department. 

Here is a basic outline in a PowerPoint that can download and you can run it with your favorite PowerPoint viewer.

Once we start COA, we will assist the SAPD in to the new Era of Community Oriented Assistance we can then start phase two, opening local assistance locations in each Ward.  A location residents can go to for help.  I will have a section just on Ward Assistance Facilities in days to come.  Something a little like West End Police Station but supported differently and with different abilities to assist the residents in each Ward or Area.