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Gentrification - The three forms

We also have to look at the meaning of gentrification and the three different forms of the gentrification process.

 To start this conversation, if you have ever rented a home or apartment, own or owned a home you are especially guilty of Websters modern day form of gentrification.

Yes, in todays world gentrification is a crime as the media classifies it.

To keep it short and simple,

1). The prime example is buying a home and fixing it up.  That is gentrification if you invested money and time in to making your home nicer.  You have gentrified the neighborhood because you improved the neighborhood by improving your property or apartment or townhome.

Do I have your attention yet?

2). We saw this from of gentrification almost happen in New York.  This is a difficult one to balance.  Mississippi had an interesting experience with this from of gentrification.  When gambling was made legal to limit gentrification the state imposed rules on the casinos.  My understanding the rough form of the anti-gentrification law stated that the casinos were required to hire 75% of local labor for the new jobs.  Sounds reasonable.  Even sounds fair.

The story as it was explained to me by a Las Vegas casino worker as tourism dropped because people were going to Mississippi to "get rich".  The house never loses... how do you get rich.  As it was explained to me, the local available workers did not train well at the card tables and if you played twenty-one, a fast talking person would state that they won and the dealer would accept that comment and push the chips to them.  Now how true this is, I will never know.  But the problem with a massive upstart that required some training, locals may not be able to fit that requirement immediately.  That is the problem, the business can fail in that short time with out proper staffing.

This is why Amazon was stopped in NYC.  One congress woman did not want the 25,000 jobs stating the concern was gentrification.  Out side workers would come to the city to work for Amazon and the locals would be priced out of the market.  Simply put, the congress woman did not believe the local workers were able to work in a distribution center and Amazon would only hire workers from outside the local area.

Very sad their representative in Washington thought so little of them and decided to not place requirements on Amazon but to limit the growth and a better quality of  life for her constituents.

Interesting problem.  A decision was made that NO jobs are better then being trained and many jobs with opportunity to grow.

3). Third and the most evil kind of gentrification.  This kind I have seen and experienced in Santa Ana.  I have seen this far too often.  I will write about this soon.

Well this came up on Nextdoor.. seems that gentrification is a huge issue in Santa Ana but not everyone can see the differences.  Here is the "classic" definition: