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Photo / Video Gallery

As the files get uploaded you will see some of the past work around Santa Ana I have been involved.  From UPRR, new railroad crossings made of concrete to make traveling to school safer, new sidewalks so students do not walk in mud or mothers pushing baby carriages have a clean path to new speaker systems at Segerstrom High School so the residents to not have excessive noise from the games at the school stadium.

Please look back soon!

One notable project you can see here but is hard to hear;

Makes for a quiet neighborhood year round.

Over 750,000 dollars as UPRR told me, to put in concrete railroad crossing.  I actually had to call the D.O.T. to get an emergency order to ASSIST UPRR because the city was delaying the repairs.  This added with other things means over the years I have brought somewhere over one million dollars to Santa Ana.

Imagine what I can do as Mayor.


Thornton Park

Before: The images from the drone.  This is a special panoramic photo that needs a special program to view which I can not get to work on the web page. But you can get the idea.

You can see all the brown and decay.

This is a picture after I complained to the city and showed them just how back the park appears.

This is a video from the drone in normal mode so I can post it here:

Thornton Park from about 50 feet up.  You can see what using a done can do to assist the city to properly maintain parks.  Even less dog poop.

You can view the video by clicking here.

Examples of Emergency security use

Automated Drone in a box implementation

Multi Camera Live Feed Drone for Dispatch

How drones are now being used in emergencies

Specialized Drones in Law Assistance

Police Implementation